The Children of Los Promotores are Making a Difference!

Children in the Los Promotores after school program are having a read-a-thon pledge drive. They're reading books to feed hungry children and families in the Port Richmond Community.

Feeding by Reading charity reading program for children fight hunger reading based community service group of girls sitting
  • Books are Provided!


  • All Donations go to Feeding People in the Local Community! 



  • Provide a fun way for children to support their community
  • Engage children and families in reading and learning together
  • Raise at least $500 to feed people in Port Richmond


Nov 2 - Dec 5, 2015


Books and Materials

Feeding by Reading will provide about 300-500 books which the children may keep. Books are in English and bilingual Spanish/English.

Feeding by Reading will also provide fun program materials, such as comics, fliers, and website . 

Possible bilingual books (not guaranteed):

(Books are not purchased from, these are examples of the type of bilingual books available to us.)


Sponsorship Donations

Feeding by Reading will seek donations of money and food to support the program. Donations are accepted online (or via check for businesses only). All donations raised through the program are tax deductible through Feeding by Reading a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization and will be donated in full at the end of the program to a local organization active in feeding people in the Port Richmond community. Donations are not guaranteed.

Possible Sponsors to be Solicitied Include:

  • Staten Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Investors Bank
  • Citibank
  • Capital One

Community Involvement

Feeding by Reading will attempt to galvanize the local community in support of the children by reaching out to local government, organizations, and businesses in an effort to raise awareness and local support. Participation by such parties is not guaranteed. 


Where Assistance is Needed

  • Translation of Comics and any relevant program materials into Spanish
  • Introductions to local community members, local government, or other possible supporters where applicable
  • Guidance on where the final donations may be made to create the greatest impact on the community

Media Release

Feeding by Reading would like an opportunity to take pictures, video record, and otherwise digitally capture this wonderful experience so that it may be shared in an effort inspire others like it. To this extent, we'd like to request all participants sign a media release form. 


Community Partners