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We work with schools and communities to organize a read-a-thon, where kids read books to raise money to feed hungry children and families in their communities. Through our program, children can make a difference, win prizes and scholarships, star in videos, and enjoy fun activities - and, of course, feed people!

Feeding by Reading is way more than just reading and eating! In our Irvington, NJ program – which has been running for two years throughout the school district (8 schools), and in the local public library – we’ve worked to activate the community in support of the children. We’ve worked closely with the school board and administration, local municipalities – including the office of the Mayor –, and local businesses and organizations to bring the community together for this wonderful cause.

We’ve also established a working relationship with New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), a state university local to Irvington, NJ, to create programs that benefit the children in a multiplicity of ways.

First, a scholarship program has been established in which the top 4th or 5th grade reader in Irvington will be awarded a full scholarship to the NJIT Summer Pre College Program!

Next, we’re in the process of establishing a technology based mentorship program wherein NJIT students will mentor Irvington readers in an age appropriate technology based curriculum. This includes basic web development, coding, and more!

As we continue to build this relationship between NJIT and Irvington, we aim to set up a college scholarship for children who excel in our Feeding by Reading program, and then are accepted to NJIT as an undergrad. This scholarship program is currently in the works.

The long term goals in Irvington include the eventual expansion of the program into middle school and high school. These future plans include more community based service opportunities, as well as the opportunity for experienced readers to provide support and mentorship to new readers.

We’re also launching a new program in Port Richmond, Staten Island. This program is currently in its pilot test and is being produced in partnership with Wagner College. We aim to create a similar model as with Irvington and NJIT.

In addition to our school programs, we’ve also produced programs for local youth groups. Such as a partnership with the MEND organization (Meeting Emergency Needs with Dignity) which brought Feeding by Reading to Faith Based youth groups. Through these programs, children read books to raise money to support their local house-of-worship-run food pantries.

Our programs inspire and support children in making a difference in their lives and in their communities through personal achievement and collaborative efforts.

To date, Feeding by Reading has distributed over 6500 books to children and raised over $3000 so far to feed people in need!


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Our Beginnings

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Feeding by Reading enables kids to get involved in the fight against hunger by encouraging them to read. It's an opportunity for communities to come together and support reading and education AND simultaneously feed people. Readers make a contribution by reading, and sponsors make financial contributions which are donated to local organizations who feed people.


Feeding by Reading is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.